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Kemper Profiler Player

Kemper Profiler Player

Used - Mint

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This Little Green Monster / the Son of a Profiler...otherwise known as the Kemper Profiler Player is in perfect condition.  It includes the pedal, power supplies, and all contents shipped the Player.  It does not include the original box.

It sounds amazing, is easy to use, and works really well with a phone or tablet as well as a laptop.


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From Kemper:

The KEMPER PROFILER has changed the world of guitar tone significantly. The acclaimed KEMPER PROFILING technology and the brand-new Liquid Profiles provide the best amp tones anytime and anywhere possible - offering consistent accuracy and also a convenient package for touring, traveling, and studio use.

The KEMPER PROFILER Player is the latest and the most complete serving of professional amp tones and studio-grade FX per footprint. Requiring only the floorboard space of two standard distortion pedals the PROFILER Player turns any pedal board into an arena-grade touring rig. And, what’s more, the Player indeed itself is already the arena-grade touring rig that fits in every guitar bag. It offers the full arsenal of KEMPER amp tones (yes, the Amp section of the Player sounds identical to the amp section of its famous Big Brothers - it loads any amp PROFILE from the vast library of existing free and commercial PROFILEs), selected FX settings, IR loading, and switching capabilities - at home, in the studio, in the rehearsal room, and on stage.

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