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CMATMods Deluxe Signa Comp

CMATMods Deluxe Signa Comp

Used - Excellent

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CMATMods Deluxe Signa Comp

This is a Great compressor with a large amount of sustain. This is the one pedal that we have on 100% of the time.  It really brings your whole pedalboard tone together.

This is one of the best pedal comps we have heard. It's warm and transparent without having the annoying attack some compressors have. The Deluxe Signa Comp can be used in any style with any guitar easily. It is is excellent condition but doesn't come in it's original box.  It has velcro on the back.

From CMATMods:

The CMATMods Deluxe Signa Comp is a powerful, feature-packed compressor pedal. It combines the great sound of the original Signa Comp with the added versatility of Attack and Tone knobs, and it's capable of everything from extreme squish, to subtle sustain, to an alternate boost virtually free of compression.

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