Choosing a guitar based on my style of music

Choosing a guitar based on my style of music

What type of guitar should I consider for my style of music?

While you can use many different guitars to get the sounds you want for your preferred style of music, here are some thoughts on guitars suited for a few different styles.  Enjoy!


Jazz guitarists often go for a smooth, mellow guitar that feels great to play:
Archtop guitars are the most traditional type of jazz guitar. They have a hollow body, curved top, and f-holes. Archtops are known for their warm, mellow tone and are ideal for jazz standards, ballads, and bebop.

  • Semi-hollow body guitars: Semi-hollow body guitars have a solid center block with hollow wings. This design helps reduce feedback while still maintaining a warm, resonant tone. Semi-hollow body guitars are often used for modern jazz styles, such as fusion and smooth jazz.
  • Solid body guitars: While not as common for jazz as archtops or semi-hollow bodies, solid body guitars can still be used for jazz. Solid body guitars are known for their sustain and clarity, making them well-suited for fast bebop lines and more modern jazz styles.


Many blues guitarists choose a guitar that has a lot of character and history.

  • Solid body guitars: Solid body guitars, particularly the Strat-style (single coil pickups) and the Les Paul-style (two humbuckers), are often used for blues. These guitars offer a lot of sustain and can produce a wide range of tones, from warm and mellow to bright and biting. Many blues guitarists prefer the single-coil pickups of a Strat style for their distinctive sound.
  • Semi-hollow body guitars: Semi-hollow body guitars are also popular choices for blues guitar. These guitars offer a warm, rich tone that works well for both rhythm and lead playing. The hollow chambers also help to reduce feedback, making them well-suited for high-volume playing.


You'll want to look for something a little more aggressive than a jazz or blues guitar.

  • Solid body electric guitars: Solid body electric guitars are the most popular choice for rock guitarists - especially the Strat-style or Les Paul-style (single cut). These guitars offer a lot of sustain and can produce a wide range of tones, from clean and smooth to distorted and aggressive. The shape and style of these guitars have become iconic in rock music. You may want to consider a whammy bar to get those rocking' dive bombs. Also, slimmer neck profile and lower action common in Ibanez and Charvel guitars will make it easier to play fast lead lines. Humbucker pickups will be more aggressive for overdriven and distortion tones.


Heavy Metal

  • Solid body electric guitars: Heavy metal guitars are almost always solid body to reduce feedback.  Solid body guitars, such as the Jackson or the BC Rich, often have distinctive shapes and are designed for extreme playing. They often have sharp edges, high-output pickups, and whammy bars for dive-bombing. These guitars are well-suited for heavy, aggressive music.


Most of the guitar types in the music styles discussed above are also good for worship...well, heavy metal may be pushing it. Worship can have a distinct style of it's own - a full, chimey tone.

  • Acoustic guitars: Acoustic guitars are a popular choice for worship music, particularly in more traditional or acoustic settings. They offer a warm, natural tone that complements vocals well and can create a sense of intimacy and connection. Many worship guitarists prefer dreadnought or jumbo-sized guitars for their fuller sound. Taylor guitars provide a brighter tone while Martin can be a bit warmer.
  • Electric guitars: Electric guitars are often used in more modern worship music or in larger worship settings where a louder, more amplified sound is needed. They offer a wide range of tones and can be used to create everything from shimmering clean tones to heavy distortion. Many worship guitarists prefer guitars with humbucker pickups for their warm, full-bodied tone, while others may prefer single-coil pickups for their bright, clear sound. Gretsch guitars are known for providing a beautiful full, chimey modern worship tone.

Have fun choosing a guitar the suits you and your style! Don't hesitate to reach out to us at with any questions.  We'd love to help you find the perfect guitar!

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