What type of guitar is that?!

What type of guitar is that?!

Hey there, fellow guitar enthusiasts! At Bad Rabbit Guitars, we are often asked:

What are the different types of guitars?

Before we answer that question, we have to admit...the guitar in the picture defies definition...and is a new one for us too!* 

Now back to the main question.  Here are the types of guitars every guitarist should know:

  • Acoustic Guitar:  The most common type of guitar, the acoustic guitar has a hollow body and produces sound through its soundhole, creating a warm and natural tone that's hard to beat. They're great for playing a variety of genres like folk, country, worship, and rock.
  • Electric Guitar:  These guitars use pickups and an amplifier to produce sound, making them great for playing loud and heavy genres like rock and metal, but just as good for jazz, worship, and country. Plus, with a plethora of effects to experiment with, you can get some truly unique sounds. From overdrive to fuzz, delay to flanger, the possibilities are endless!
  • Classical Guitar:  Also known as a Spanish guitar, classical guitars are typically used to play classical music. The nylon strings and wider neck make it easier for beginners to play, and they deliver beautiful tone.
  • Bass Guitar:  The bass guitar is a must-have for any band, responsible for providing the low-end sound that keeps the rhythm section together. From funk to jazz, rock, and worship, the bass adds depth to your music and complements the percussion section of the band...and they come in a variety of sizes and styles, including 4, 5, and 6 string instruments to give you all sorts of sonic possibilities! 
  • Resonator Guitar:  For a unique sound, try out the resonator guitar. With metal resonator cones, it's perfect for playing blues, folk, and country music.
  • 12-String Guitar:  As the name suggests, the 12-string guitar has 12 strings instead of the usual six. This gives it a rich and full sound with great bass and clear highs, it perfect for folk and rock music.
  • Baritone Guitar:  For a deep, rich tone, check out the baritone guitar. With a longer scale length, the baritone is tuned to a lower pitch than a regular guitar. This gives it a deep, rich tone that's perfect for playing hard rock and heavy metal.
  • Archtop Guitar:  Archtops have a hollow body and a curved top, which produces a warm and rich sound. With its distinctive shape and warm, rich sound, it's ideal for playing jazz and swing music.

Remember, the type of guitar you choose will depend on your skill level, playing style, and the type of music you want to play. And why settle for just one? With multiple types of guitars, you can hop into the rabbit hole to experiment and find the perfect sound for your songs. Happy strumming!


*For those curious, the guitar in the picture is called a Guitharpulele (Guitar - Harp - Ukulele - Washboard - Kalimba) and it's made by Blueberry Guitar Shop.  Now we all have a new guitar type in our repertoire! 
Sorry, we don't carry those, but feel free to search for Blueberry Guitar Shop online.
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