Don't buy a guitar just for looks...

Don't buy a guitar just for looks...

Don't buy a guitar just for the look...well, maybe you should!

Picking a guitar that sounds great and has the look you love can be a fun and creative process! The look of a guitar can be just as important as the sound it produces, as it can help you convey a certain style or attitude. When choosing a guitar based on the look you are going for, there are a few things to consider.

Firstly, think about the genre of music you want to play. Different genres have different visual aesthetics associated with them. For example, if you want to play rock or heavy metal, you may want a guitar with a sleek and edgy design. On the other hand, if you want to play country or folk music, you may prefer a more rustic and traditional look. Consider the colors, materials, and shapes that are associated with the style of music you want to play.

Secondly, think about your own personal style and preferences. Your guitar should reflect your personality and taste. If you have a bold and colorful style, you may want a guitar with a bright finish and unique design. If you prefer a more minimalist look, a simple and understated guitar may be more your style.  Look for differences in the body (single-cut, double-cut, and funky body styles), headstock (classic Fender and Les Paul styles vs. more modern and fun styles), fretboard markers (dots, trapezoids, or more imaginative styles), and bridges (stop tail, tremolo, and Floyd Rose).  Ultimately, you want a guitar that you will be proud to play and that feels like an extension of yourself.

Finally, consider the practical aspects of the guitar's appearance. Some guitars have more intricate designs or shapes that can make them more difficult to play or transport. Make sure you choose a guitar that is comfortable for you to hold and play, and that you can easily transport to gigs or practice sessions.

Below are some different styles to get your creative juices flowing...carrot juice is our favorite, but we digress. Remember, the most important thing is to choose a guitar that inspires you and makes you excited to play. Have fun during the browsing and shopping experience!


 Single-cut (Les Paul) Single-cut (Framus) Single-cut (Jackson)
Les Paul Single-cut
Framus Single-cut
Jackson Single-cut
Single-cut (Fender Tele) Double-cut (Fender Strat) Single-cut (Gretsch)
Fender Telecaster Double-cut
Fender Stratocaster Double-cut
Gretsch Single-cut
Hollow Body Single-cut (Gretsch)

Hollow Body Double-cut (Gretsch)

Semi-Hollow Single-cut (Gretsch)
Gretsch Double-cut Hollow Body
Gretsch Double-cut Hollow Body
Gretsch Semi-Hollow Single-cut
Meteora (Fender) "Metal" Flying V (Jackson) Classic Flying V (Jackson)
Fender Meteora
Jackson Flying V Metal
Classic Jackson Flying V
Mockingbird (BC Rich) Modern (Samick) Modern Multi-Scale (Jackson)
BC Rich Mockingbird
Samick Modern
Jackson Multiscale Modern
Metal Crackle (Jackson) Modern Metal (BC Rich) Modern Metal (Samick)
Modern Metal
Samick Modern Metal
Acoustic Dreadnought (Ibanez) Acoustic Single-cut (Fender) Acoustic Stylized Single-cut (
Ibanez Acoustic Dreadnought
Fender Single-cut Acoustic
Washburn Stylized Acoustic Singlecut


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